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About Our Ingredients

We strive to source the highest quality of certified organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients available. Our first and primary sources are locally grown organic and sustainable wildcrafted herbs and flowers from which we make our own handcrafted infusions. We even grow some of our own flowers and herbs such as calendula and now comfrey and arnica. We use certified pure essential oils from around the world.

None of our products contain petroleum-synthesized fillers such as propylene glycol or chemical additives, petroleum products, stabilizers or preservatives as well as artificial coloring. After all,  we know and respect what goes on your skin…….. goes right into your body.  Now saying this, all fragrances in all our products are custom created from blends of pure essential oils, the only exception to this are our Beeswax Floral Perfumes which contain commercial european fragrance oil.  If you are sensitive to scents, please try our products but shy away from our floral perfumes.  (We do use fragrance oil here due to prohibitive costs that would be associated in creating these blends.)

However we steadfastly believe "appropriate natural ingredients" are healthier, more effective and will perform better for you in the long run than synthetic or petroleum based bodycare products.

None of our products are tested on animals. We use our self, relatives, neighbors and a growing list of friends!

About Preservatives

Bodycare preservatives continue to be controversial in our industry. There are two groups, one group states the industry standard of "toxic preservatives" with concentrations of 1% or less (which is the norm) are universally deemed to be safe while another group deems them to be unsafe.

The primary uses of "preservatives" are to inhibit bacterial growth and therefor prevent infection in you and inturn extend product shelf life. However, there are numerous reports and studies showning products with "these powerful preservatives" can and may have bacterial growth in them. This shows up in store testers and in homes where "contaminated fingers" are routinely put into them.

Bodycare products mostly use a class of preservatives called parabems. They are powerful toxins used to prevent bacterial or fungal growth over a large range of product ingredients, pH levels and against all kinds of bacteria or fungi. Blended portions used in most formulations usually represent about 1% of their ingredients. These products are used because they are both inexpensive and relatively effective.

The primary reason we have chosen not to use parabems are because preliminary studies show these parabems mimic female estrogen which in known to cause breast cancer in women and testicular cancer in young boys. (If you would like further detailed information regarding these studies, email us and I will forward to you the actual research article titles.)

For us we have chosen to use an "all natural" blend of preservatives and anti-oxidants. Our blend helps inhibit bacterial growth as well as slowdown the oxidation process. Like petrochemcial products, fresh, natural or beneficial organic bodycare ingredients do have a limited shelf life and are susceptible to oxidation and bacterial growth. They will breakdown (like all organic material) through the oxidation process or can become bad through bacterial or fungi introduced to the product.  Plus, "all of our natural preservative blends" and anti-oxidant ingredients are truly beneficial to you and your skin.

Our preservative and anti-oxidant blends include:

alpha lipoc acid - a poweful oil based anti-oxidant that works extremely well with other anti-oxidants such as vitamin c, vitamin c-ester and vitamin e.
rosemary extract oil - this is a super anti-oxidant used in our infused oils which radically slows down the oxidation process in oils.
d-alpha tochopheral (pure vitamin e) - is not only a well proven ingredient used as a preservative in many products it is also an excellent anti-oxidant removing free radicals in your body.
vitamin c - is a water based an anti-oxidant and preservative.
vitamin c-ester - is a powerful fat soluble anti-oxidant and preservative.
borax (desert salt) is used to facilitate binding of oil and water as well as prevent bacterial growth.
grapefruit seed extract - is a power bacterial killer and growth inhibitor. It is routinely used in water to kill bacterial or parasites before drinking.
beeswax - helps prevent bacterial growth and resists oxidation. Beeswax and honey for that matter have been found in good and edible condition in tombs over 2000 years old. Nothing will grow in pure beeswax or honey and it's oxidation process takes thousands of years.
essential oils - many essential oils act like bacterial growth inhibitors, benzoin, lavender, tea tree, and rosemary to name a few fight bacteria or can prevent bacteria growth. Benzoin while great for your skin is also used as a fixative that helps to maintain the integrity of other more volatile essential oils. Volatile means the oil breakdowns easily when exposed to oxygen, heat or sunlight.

To Extend Potency and Shelf Life

For optimal potency, our cremes should be consumed with-in 90-120 days of being opened. (Our salves and balms 160 days for optimal potency.) However after saying this, we have had customers (and friends) report using our products 9-12 months later and remain happy with them (and us). Our own product testing bears this out however we do not recommend it if you want to play it safe and use our products during their prime!

To extend product potency and shelf life: keep the product out of sunlight, ideally the cap should be kept on tight and the product stored in a cool, dark place, a nightstand would suffice.  Bright, steamy, hot and humid bathrooms are not friendly environments for cremes. When dipping fingers into the product, in particular with the cremes, they should be clean.

Our products as with all bodycare products, natural or not, do have a limited shelf life. We suggest all products over one year old and opened be disposed of. Bodycare products that contain primarily non-organic materials such as propylene glycol can last up to 5 years! But we have to question what beneficial ingredients can be in these products if they can actually last that long?


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