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About Us

Hodges Herbary started out as a small family business by the Hodges family living in Victoria, BC Canada.

Committed to providing premium quality, well-valued skin and bodycare products working with locally grown herbs and flowers and pure essential oils, cosmeceuticals (vitamins, anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatories) and other natural products from around the globe.   Judy, Hodges the 'master formulator" spent several years "in the herbary"… (A Country kitchen garden) creating  products.

All of our products are made fresh, by hand and in small batches. This ensures you top quality and freshness of ingredients in your products. This can however lead to small variations in color and texture from batch to batch. Some of these variations are attributed to differing colors of beeswax or infused oils, whether we use in season fresh (our preference) or dried flowers and herbs and the ever present "human factor".

We are always trying to improve the products we produce as well as introduce new ones… if you have any ideas, feedback…. drop us an email!

Bill and Judy Hodges - Founders of Hodges Herbary

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